Profitable Website Niche for 2012 (October trend)

Hello, dear  readers!

This is my first post, where I actually share a good idea. You may ask me: “How can you even find a profitable niche?” The answer is simple: “I just follow the trends”. And right now I am just giving away an idea to those who might be interested in it, because I am not really into this niche. =)

This niche might bring you thousands of dollars. I don’t guarantee it, however it is possible to get a steady monthly income from this.

So here it comes! One of the most profitable niches for 2012 is PSY ! What is PSY? Or the correct question will be:”Who is PSY?”. This is a well-known (well, definitely now.) Korean Pop Singer. Have you ever heard of Gangnam Style?

This video became extremely popular amongst western countries. It grew in views from August – October (2012), and is still growing. 355 million views in just 2-3 months! You are probably thinking:”So what, he is just a singer? I can build a website around Rihanna, or something like that”. Let me explain why the Korean Pop Singer option is better. Firstly, he is new to the west (it’s something fresh), that is why he will get new fans from different countries, these might be your potential visitors/users. Secondly, there isn’t a lot of competition.

How can I monetize this idea?

You can make a blog/website about him. Then you can sign-up for an affiliate program, let’s say Amazon. And start advertising products with his symbolic. (T-shirts with PSY’s face.)

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Affiliate Marketing Introduction

Hello dear readers, I have decided to narrow down what I write about, the main topic will be Affiliates (Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Programs, etc.)  Affiliates are widely spread around the Internet. There are a lot of success stories about how people are making 1000$ through affiliate programs, and I have got inspired to observe this area. I will do a lot of research and all of the information I will find, I will first process it and then share it with you!


An affiliate is someone who promotes products or services to potential customers, in exchange for a commission after the transaction (sale) has occurred. Note how I said products or services, it means that you can promote more than one product and sign-up for different affiliate programs.

Affiliate Marketing

Is a form of Marketing for which a bussiness rewards it’s affiliates for a certain sale, which occured thanks to the efforts of the affiliate.

Where can I sign-up for an affiliate programm and start advertising products on my website?

I personally will recommend only two websites: Clickbank and Amazon. Right now I won’t go into the details what is the difference between them, this will be discussed in my further posts. I will give you all the advantages and disadvantages from different perspectives.

Is it easy to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Well, to tell you the truth, it’s not so simple. There are different factors that might prevent you from earning some cash: Trust, Competition, Quality, etc. However, if you overcome these factors, you will go all the way to the top and earn some good income.
– this is one of the books which I recommend reading “Make Money Online – Online Affiliate Guide: Building An Online Cash Cow, A Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Affiliate Marketing”.You will get a clear view on things, note that you will never get full information if you only read blogs.

Is affiliate marketing profitable for bloggers?

It can be, but I don’t say it is. For bloggers everything depends on the trust. If your audience trust your posts and your product reviews then they might buy the product through your affiliate link. So first, build that trust.

Some Affiliate marketing tips (After reading some stuff and comparing affiliate websites, this is what I have found)  :

  • Websites should be centralized on a certain narrow niche. (For example: not SmartPhones, but something more limited, for instance Samsung Galaxy mobiles).
  • Build credibility, trust with your audience.
  • Traffic shouldn’t be your primary goal, the best way to gain profits is to have targeted audience, who are searching for something specific.
  • Find relevant products for your website (choose only those based on your niche).
  • Be more open. People want exposure. If you want to make someone to buy something, show them your personal experience with the product.

This was a simple Introduction to affiliate marketing. Please Comment about the article =)

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Google Panda 3.9 Released

Hello to everybody.

Recently Google has realeased a new update for Google Panda, the new version is now 3.9 The algorithm impacted the search result, according to Schwartz B. (2012) article, about 1%, which is quite significant.

What is Google Panda? It is a change to the Google’s search result ranking algorithm. These changes are needed to remove all of the garbage, spam websites. For example: when you enter a website, you see only advertisements. Doesn’t it annoy you that such bad quality websites appear in the top results?

Here is Google Algorithm Change History

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Free ways to promote your website/blog

Where can I promote my blog/website? How can I do it?

These are the most common questions, that I ask myself when I access my WordPress Dashboard and see low traffic statistics. 10 visits today…nice. Is it my SEO? No, the answer is simple; I didn’t spend any time promoting my blog. Well today I have decided to do a small research on this topic, and find places where I can promote my website for free and how. This list will be very helpful for everybody.

1. Social Networks:

Great website to start off with promotion. Share your website with your friends. “Like” your own posts. Message your website to different people, asking their opinions about the website. Or, here is a better tip, create a Facebook page for your blog. Here is a guide how you can do it

Just create a new account for your blog and start twitting!

2. Free Blog Promotion Forums list:

Get involved in different conversations by answering or asking questions. What’s in it for you? You will be able to leave links back to your website! This will help you to attract some new audience. Tip: Add your website to your forum’s signature (you can do it in the profile settings).

3.1. Free Blog Directories list:

3.2. Website Directories list:

By submitting your blog or a website to a directory you not only promote it but also improve SEO.

4. Use free social bookmarking websites:

Read this guide to get your whole website bookmarked to delicious in 2 minutes – “How to Bookmark Your Entire Blog into Delicious”

5. Use free Cloud storages:

Upload your documents to share them with the world. You can convert your Blog posts into power point presentations or PDF files, and don’t forget to put a link to your website.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope it was useful. =) How and where do you promote your website? Leave your comment and it might be added to the article.

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Make money by taking Online Surveys

Hello again, dear Readers! Today we are going to take a look at Survey Sites. This article is for those who want to earn a small extra change in their pockets. I use some of the survey websites to earn supermarket vouchers which I use for purchases.

How to earn money on Survey Sites? How does it work?

All you have to do is register and start filling-in surveys, by answering different questions which are about products or services. For a completed survey you might get a small amount of money or points, depends on the survey website. There is always a minimum payout. (For example: you must reach 10$, before requesting the payout). Or you can redeem your points for a Gift card, like on

How to find legitimate survey websites? (Detect scam websites)

  • Usually Free Online Survey Sites don’t ask for a joining fee. So never pay up front, this might be a scam to get your card details.
  • Check the reward system on the website by reading their FAQ or Terms. For example some Survey companies might offer you prizes, which are low quality or really cheap ones.
  • Check the terms if there is a minimum payout.
  • Don’t register with those sites that promise you huge incomes.


  • Create a new e-mail for the survey websites, be ready for some spam.
  • Fill out screener surveys. What is a screener survey? It is a survey that lets the company find out more about you. There more information you will give about yourself, the more surveys you might get.

Trusted Survey Websites in Europe, America and Asia (based on reviews and ratings):

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Traffic guide for beginners (boost your income)

We all know that if we want a money generating business, we need to increase our web traffic (the amount of people that visit your website, or read your articles). High traffic benefits everything: monetized blogging, website flipping,  domain selling, etc. Of course a website with higher traffic will have much more potential and price than the one with lower traffic.

How to increase web traffic?

This is a very common question. I have found an interesting article on ProBlogger written by Baker H., she gives a list of ideas that can help you. This is useful for any Internet business :

  1. I chose my subject carefully: there are two elements of the new blog that have helped it appeal to followers. Firstly, it covers a niche (B2B PR rather than PR in general). Secondly, its core topic has not been covered in detail elsewhere on the web.
  2. I used a web designer: my blog is targeted at professionals, and therefore needed to look professional. I was not able to create a blog of this standard myself, so I brought on a designer who could (and I was fortunate enough to be able to pay him).
  3. I wrote my first ten posts before launching: I run a communications business and can never be sure when I will be able to find the time to blog. But I wanted to demonstrate to readers that the blog would be regularly updated with quality content. So I stockpiled my first ten posts, ready to upload daily for ten days.
  4. I asked a professional to do the on-site optimisation: I knew that if I were to rely on Google to drive searchers to my blog, I would have to make my site Google-friendly. Unfortunately, I am no technical expert in this area, so I got a professional to do it for me.
  5. I did keyword research: Using the Google Keyword Tool, I was able to identify what people in the industry were searching for, and insert these terms and phrases into my posts. The result was that in the first ten days, 108 people found my blog on Google.
  6. I used my social networks: I made a point of tweeting every post and sharing it on Facebook. I also joined the relevant LinkedIn groups and posted a link to every post with a relevant question on at least three discussion boards. This alone led to 561 visits in ten days.
  7. I used my contacts: On the day the blog launched, I sent an email to my friends, business associates, and family, telling them about the new blog and asking them for honest feedback.
  8. I added the link to the blog to the website of my PR company and email signature: to give more people the opportunity to find it. This drove 32 visitors to the blog in ten days.

  9. I commented on other blogs and articles: I found people who were writing about similar subjects and commented with a link back to my blog. This got an additional 46 visitors.
  10. I used social sharing: Between digg and StumbleUpon, the blog got over 26 visitors in ten days.
  11. I started guest blogging: I created a list of blogs covering similar areas of interest to mine (such as the CIPR or the PRCA’s blog) and pitched them with ideas for posts. Because I was offering unique content that I had researched and tailored to their audiences, these were accepted, and I was able to insert links to my blog into these posts. My first three guest posts referred 28 visitors to the blog.
  12. I kept the content unique, valuable, and relevant: because I had chosen to blog about a subject I knew well, I was able to identify the gaps in content on the web, and try to fill them. For example, while many B2B PR programs require research, no one had ever before produced a price comparison table for the major research houses. I knew that would be useful to the industry (because I had needed it myself at one stage), so I put the time into producing one (you can check it out here).
  13. I was happy to be controversial: Without being downright mean, I decided to highlight examples of poor B2B PR practice in my Steaming barrel, a section dedicated to the worst of B2B PR. While I would never be deliberately nasty about someone, I feel strongly that our industry gets away with too much. I therefore decided to be the one to put my head above the parapet and highlight shoddy practice.
  14. I remembered my manners: When someone did share my posts on Twitter or LinkedIn, I made a point of thanking them. And when people got in touch with ideas for guest posts, I responded even if they weren’t relevant.
  15. I monitored my analytics: Every morning I would log on to my Google Analytics account to see what was working and what was not. Then I would tailor my blog promotion activity for that day accordingly.

Some points of this list are arguable. Take a look at the second point. You can find a very good free template (theme) on the Internet. If you are using WordPress you can try using Woothemes. Again, the 4th point involves extra costs, before getting a specialist try doing some SEO yourself. DailyBlogTips is a great blog to start off with SEO learning.

For website flippers, take in consideration these points: 1, 5, 6, 9-15.

If you are writing for a website (Example: consider these points: 1, 5-15

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Insert Adsence code into WordPress Themes or Posts Manually

Hello Dear Readers,
Those who started to use WordPress not long ago may not know that you can easily insert Google Adsence code into different WordPress themes using an Editor or you can put your ads inside posts with HTML. These might boost your incomes.

How to insert Google Ads in your Header or Footer?

In your WordPress Admin Menu (which is located on the left) drag your cursor on Appearance –> and in the submenu choose Editor. On the right-hand side you will see many files (Example: Index.php, 404 Template, etc.). Find there Header.php and click on it. After you will see some php code, you can try and locate a container there and paste the code inside it, or just after any closed php tag (<?php ?>) copy the Adsence code there. Same goes for the Footer.

How to insert Adsence in WordPress posts?

wordpress html

When you are creating the post, just click HTML on the right, and you can paste your code there.



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How to sell Domain Names – Beginner’s Guide

meme face with moneySelling domain names is a risky and tough business, something similar to flipping websites. However, in the future it might generate some good revenues; if you do a proper research. I will list some tips and techniques which will help you to start off.

Firstly, let me give you a small list of the best websites, where you can buy or sell domains:

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Afternic
  3. GoDaddy auctions
  4. Flippa
  5. BuyDomains
  6. Sedo
  7. Devsa

The most common question we often ask ourselves before any purchase is: “How can I choose the best product?” Well boys and girls, before buying any domain name you need to consider 3 important factors:

1. Potential.

Will somebody want to buy this domain name in the future? For example: Blizzard is going to release Diablo III in one year. They have probably already purchased, but you can buy a closely related domain name:, 1 year in advance. There might be fans who want this domain name for their blog. In this case you can sell it for a higher price because of the demand; you can also raise the price bar for the domain name, because it contains important keywords for search engines.

2. Keywords.

It is essential to understand how popular the keywords within the domain name are. Look at the popularity of the keywords using different tools, for instance, Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Now let’s take as an example. The keywords in this name are: “Diablo 3”, “now” and “Diablo 3 now”.

google keyword tool

3. Comparison.

Compare your domain name to other similar domains. You can do that by using Also look at the recent sales that are related to your domain.

After purchasing the domain name, you can add additional value by developing it. Install WrodPress, Joomla or any other CMS (Content Management System) create some web pages, write articles, etc. Try to implement AdSense and affiliate programs. Create some back links to the domain name. Traffic also influences the value of the domain name, so you can try increasing it. Don’t forget about the time factor, you can try backordering some old domains with GoDaddy.

When you are ready to sell your domain name (with or without a website) choose a marketplace, than “place your product on the shelf”. If you will find a buyer who is interested, try contacting him as soon as possible (so he wouldn’t have time to make up his mind).

Some additional sources of information you can find here:

DotSauce – a great blog with a lot of tutorials for this niche
4 Ways to Make Money With Domains

Thank you for reading! =)

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SEO and Social Media are becoming connected!

seo and twitterRecently, I have asked myself: “Can social networks improve my SEO and Google rankings?”. After some digging I have found some interesting facts that might help you to boost your rankings and increase traffic. Google has used data from social networking websites since 2011. By the way, did you know that Twitter affects Google rankings? A study has proven that the amount of “tweets” influences your website’s ranking. The algorithm is simple, the more “tweets and re-tweets” the higher your page will appear in the search results. You can read more here: “It’s been proven: Twitter DOES affect Google rankings

Google uses data from social sites in ranking

The tactics below sound simple, but some people tend to ignore them. Nowadays, they are essential in order to get on top of the mountain!

How to make Social Media working for you?

1. Install sharing plugins to your website. (If you are using wordpress I recommend : Digg Digg or Get social – great customizable floating bars)

2. Communicate with your followers. (This creates interaction with the users, don’t forget, we are social creatures)

3. Advertise your website through your social media profiles. (Example: press Facebook’s “Like” button yourself to bring attention)

4. Create Facebook groups for people that are interested in your website’s niche. (You will be allocate people with specific interests into one place)

5. Write catchy headlines. (Write something that draws attention.)

6. Incorporate sharing buttons after Articles or a certain content. (Let’s think logically, users might be forgettable and busy, they won’t scroll up or go to another page just to press the “Share” button.)

Please comment below if you know any other strategies to make Social Media working for us. Also, I wanted to ask: “Can Social Media fully change Google’s algorithm in the future?” In my opninion, I think, Yes. Soon websites will be evaluated by social interactivity.

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Don’t waste your time on PTC websites!

What is PTC? PTC (Paid To Click) website acts as a middlemen between advertisers and consumers; advertisers pay to display their ads while consumers get a small amount of money out of that payment for viewing the ads.

The business model can be easily transferred into a ponzi scheme. A ponzi scheme is a SCAM, where investors are paid with their own money or from the money of the previous investors. Now, I don’t say that all PTC websites are scams, but many of them are. For instance, is a great example of an online ponzi scheme (you can check the evidence here: – SCAM).

Why PTC websites are time wasters for those who want to earn some money online? Well, the answer is simple. Imagine clicking different ads and earning 0.01$ for each ad clicked, usually you are allowed to click 10-15 ads a day. Now, the math: 0.01 * 15 = 0.15$! Uuuu…that’s not much. You can always use referrals to boost your income, but again a lot of time will be spent. I recommend checking our “Top 5 ways making money online

However, if you want to try PTC websites, I recommend firstly visiting PTC investigations website. You can find a list of trusted PTC websites, and those who might SCAM you.

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